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By: Shayla Burne
Do you or one of your holiday guests have a wheat allergy? With these top 10 best Christmas Gluten Free recipe ideas in AC content, there is no need to starve while everyone else feasts this year. From whole meals, to desserts and candy; these great food options will be loved by everyone!

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a large frypan over high heat. Cook cutlets (in batches) for about 3 minutes each side until bacon is crisp and lamb is medium rare.

Take the resulting roll and cut it into bite sized slices, usually 6 per roll. If you are having trouble cutting the roll without damaging it, try dipping your knife into water between each cut. Lay the pieces flat and they will look like little colorful discs. Serve with wasabi and food not to eat with diverticulitis on the side.

Dust the wahoo with a little of the salt and pepper mixture. Let rest in the refrigerator, while you are doing the other parts of this recipe. Grind the plantains into a meal with a food processor. Add in the Thai peanut sauce base mixture. Mix well.

If you have friends who are also gluten intolerant, ask them where they have been to, and what their experience was. There are lists of eating places online, but none of them is very large, and most seem to only cover a small area.

Making oatmeal tasty can mean simply looking at your personal tastes and finding a way to include it. This can even mean using jams, jelly or other foods to add taste. Some use berry Gluten Free Toppings to stir in to oatmeal or any of these can be used on oatmeal muffins, bread or scones.

There is a monumental difference between traditional foodstuffs and these recipes. For starters, organic foods and unprocessed and whole foods are used in Gluten Free Recipe. In standard food, a lot of detrimental ingredients are used that are not only bad for our health but terrible for our diets, and loaded with unbeneficial ingredients that can cause harm or hinder our health goals.

Interested in receiving a really delicious gluten free and dairy free pizza crust recipe? My next article will be just that - a recipe created after years of baking, testing and improving. A gluten free/dairy free pizza crust that has been praised by gluten and wheat eating friends and family! Simply tap the subscribe button near my profile to subscribe to my Examiner articles. You won't have to search for my recipies, they'll just show up in your email box!

Another lunch idea that can be made ahead of time and frozen. Make a chicken "gravy" by melting butter in a sauce pan, then stirring in chicken broth, milk, flour, and a sprinkle black pepper. Make your own pie crust or use a store bought one. Roll out the pie crust, then cut large circles out with a glass or cup. Fill a muffin tin with the pie crust circles. In each pie, put a few chunks of cooked chicken, some veggies (carrots and peas are especially delicious in pot pie), and a spoonful of the gravy you made. Top with another pie crust circle, then bake in the oven until pie crusts are cooked through.
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