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By: Jeannie Carmack
On a recent episode of the Ask MomRN Show, I interviewed Carri McQuerry-Funk, owner of Maddie's Message, about furniture safety and her efforts to bring awareness to other parents about furniture tip-over dangers. In the interview, Mrs. Funk told of the loss of her two year old daughter. Madison Funk was killed by her dresser falling over on top of her as she attempted to climb it. Madison's parents have created Maddie's Message to warn and educate other parents, and are on a mission to prevent further tragedies.

Home buying provides an investor an opportunity to buy low and sell high. Unlike most types of investment, time is on the side of homeowners. The price of a property bought today doubles up after a few years time. No other types of tangible commodity measures up. Now, to install the feet simply turn the Vintage Shutter Garden Planter over on the eground. Drill four to holes, one in each corner of the bottom of the planter. HMOs (credit report maintenance organizations) - These plans set you up with a network of physicians and hospitals.

You pay a monthly fee and your provider pays for physician visits, hospital costs, and prescriptions drugs. You must choose a primary care physician who oversees your medical care. MONEY DOWN - What many lenders are doing now is this. They will you for 50-75% of the product value at a higher interest rate as long as you can afford to put down 25-50% up front. The Percentages are different with every lender/company so what you need to do is a little research to find out which one has a percentage that best works for you.

This isn't always bad because by putting money down upfront then that means your payments will be lower over the long run and that you will pay less interest over the life of the loan. Be wary of the internet. If you do not have the correct firewalls set up on your Personal Computer and you are using a wireless broad band connection, then anyone in the vicinity can access your internet connection. And while it is unlikely that they could access your internet banking, it is possible they could view it.

If you are going to do online banking from a wireless Personal Computer, be sure you have security measures set in place to prevent anyone from accessing your connection. Inclusion on this list does not mean recommendation. Check out any contractor before you sign up with them. Ask for references, licensing and insurance. Building a brand new house or a large insurance company handles project is stressful enough. Protect yourself from any further worries by taking the time to researching everything before you begin.

Regardless of the variety of wood, you should still clean your outdoor furniture annually. There are a number of commercial products available, as well as a few homemade solutions that can be effective.
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