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By: Stephanie Borovansky
Your Valentine's Day celebration could be as simple as you and a loved one having a quiet dinner at home. Or, you might be inviting others over to your house to celebrate the occasion. Either way, you'll need certain things: Valentine's Day decorations, foods to serve - and, oh yeah, a fabulous dessert. Already you're thinking "sounds expensive", right? Well, that doesn't necessarily have to be true. There are many different pies you can make with little money and little time. Each one is so easy to make that it will only take a few minutes to complete. The simple but delicious pies are suitable to give to one person or to serve at a party.

To make Galbi Jjim, you're going to need: short ribs, food processor, sesame oil, potatoes, carrots, a bit of garlic (or a lot, depending on your taste buds), and a bit of sugar.

26. Don't let the store lure you with deals that aren't really sale prices. Saving a dime on Gluten Free Toppings isn't a deal if you can't afford the ice cream this week, plus a dime savings isn't worth buying it. Wait for a better sale.

The ingredient in normal pizza dough that makes celiac positive people unable to eat it is wheat flour. Ingredients such as barley, rye, and wheat all contain gluten. This is a very common ingredient in many foods, so how can you make pizza gluten free pizza? It is really quite simple. All you need to do is substitute the wheat for something else. Rice flour or potato flour are used in most cases and it's not just for pizza dough. Many bread recipes can be made gluten free by altering and substituting the ingredients. This is true for bread, crackers, and cookies, among others. Buying a good gluten free cookbook such as Paleo Cookbook can help open your eyes to a variety of Gluten Free Recipe that you can make for your family.

Sometimes the worst part of the holiday season for those with food allergies is not being able to have the sweets that everyone else is enjoying. Well not anymore with these great ideas!

Each of the last five years Canada has experienced a notable increase in December GF online demand and a particularly a very strong increase in search volumes in 2009 (34% between November and December). It would appear that 'Christmas shopping' for Canadians buying GF products for friends and family really took off in 2009.
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