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By: abigail
Runescape has many continents around the world, some of them are explored more and some are abandoned. But leave them alone, we want you to add a new zone in the game, the Eastern Lands, which will be accessible by members after a quest.

The zone itself will be a large, mountainous area with several rivers, lakes, and waterfalls scattered about over the mountain passes. The zone will include larger, flat areas like fields between the mountains wher NPCs and buildings will be placed.

The zone will of course include all previous vanilla ores and trees such as oak and coal, but it will also sport new materials for all crafting skills. Examples include new rare silks for mage armor and furniture, new hides for range armor, new alloys for melee armors, and new trees for fletching and furniture. There will also be more content for slayer, which includes monsters from asian folklore, cooking recipes, and new critters for hunter.

The area will be in a state of war when the player first arrives, but its no normal war. The war is between the lower half of the caste system against the nobles and king. While most are still loyal to their upper-class counterparts, there are rebel factions roaming the zone looking for their own sense of justice.

It is up the player on how they want to approach this. They can either join the rebels to help fight back guerilla warfare style, they can side with the nobels and help put those pesky rebels in their place, or they can take neither side and go for a more diplomatic approach. This being the main questline, there will of course be smaller side quests along the way and several activites to do.

The main hub will include not include a GE until the player establishes friendly relations between the Eastern Lands and Varrock, but it will have a bank and several shops selling unique items for lower-level crafting, food and armor. After the player establishes friendly relations, vendors from back home will move in and start selling items as well, boosting the over all variety of shops.

If you show some interest, we will give you the detail information here:
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