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By: Ernestina Murphy
_lassi_ ____l_ ____t__ __ _n _d_i_t_v_ G_m_. And __r __b___ ___ot__ _s not just that. _t is m___ S_mp_e and Am_zing! _t _s _ _ingl_-pl___r __m_ _nd __ __t__r_ ___u_re_. _nce ___ _t__t, ___ wi__ not st__ _l___ng. ___t h___ _ t_y, y__ _il_ find _nd__s_ __n!

---___ __U _H_U_D _H__S_ __?---

_-->_ lot _f Ch_l__ng_ng _uz___s!
_-->__qui__t_ _am_ Int_rfa_e!
_-->____ _nimati_n Effe_t_!
_-->___nl_a_ f_r __e_!
_-->_________e t_ Any _g__!
_-->__pli_s t_ _ll _nd_o__ _______ _r G_o___ ____ U_e__!
_-->_ny t_me _t Any _l_c_!

---___ __ _LA_ __E _U____ S______?---

_-->D__g __u_ _inger __n ___e t__ ____r in t__ __r_cti_n!
_-->_ap on th_ ______ __o_e to _et__m_ne t__ _ar_et!
_-->_ift ___r fing_r t_ ____ _ _h__t!
_-->__t__ 3 __ m_r_ Bu__l__ t_ ___st!

---W___ __U W__L __T __ T__ __M_?---

_-->G_t __lax_t__n _nd _____ne_s!
_-->To _i__ t__ __r_ng _im_!
_-->______p __u_ ___in _nd E__rcis_ ____ _ing__s!
_-->_____ __th __u_ _r__nds!

_i_s: __e___ Enj_y ___ ____l_ __o_t_r!__e __r_ ____ and __e __r_ ___iting!!! __l__v_ _s and _o_nl_a_ _t. __u __ll ne___ _____t _t!
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